Top 10 Things to Eat in Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the seven most popular holy cities in India. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries visit the place to get a glimpse of its temples and ghats. These visitors take away with them lots of cool memories but also the taste of the amazing foods and music the place offers.

If you are also planning to visit this famous place, you must try some of the mouth-watering food it offers.

Kachori Sabzi

After having one or two of this spicy treat stuffed with masala moong dal, you will surely ask for more. You won’t be able to get over the yummy taste of this Varanasi street food even if your eyes are full of tears. To get more of the taste mix some special masala, coriander and chilies in the sabzi.

Tamaatar Chaat

Tamaatar Chaat is one of the best street foods you will ever taste. It is also good for health conscious people. It is made of Tomato, onion, and peanuts. Just by mixing these ingredients with chutney provides you a delicious street food.


You will find this dish almost everywhere you visit in Varanasi because of its popularity there. Littis are the wheat balls which have been roasted by the cook. The combination of brinjal, tomato, and potato with green chilies is known as Chokha.


After Punjab, Varanasi is the best place to have malai Lassi. You will get pure lassi in a huge steel glass with rabdi. This lassi has won the heart of every tourist.


You must try it. Eat this coal-fired bun to get a surprise taste of sugary malaai with it. Start planning a trip to the place where you are going to have it.


Thandai is a masala milkshake filled with ice. Unlike the Thandai you have tried before it provides completely different and yummy taste. You must try the thandai of Varanasi once.

Aaloo Tikki

You might be thinking that Aaloo Tikki is available everywhere and you don’t need to visit Varanasi to have it. Yes, you have it anywhere. However, Varanasi offers the finest one. You will surely love the different taste of this Aaloo tikki.

Kullhad Chai (Tea)

Every Indian state offers a unique and traditional taste of Chai. Like every street chai, you will get it in a small pot. This small pot of chai is enough to energize your mind and body with its mesmerizing taste.


Malaiyyo is made of organic milk. Milk is churned slowly to make the cream. In your upcoming trip to Varanasi, you must have its taste.


The paan offers a mesmerizing and sweet taste of Varanasi. Amitabh Bachchan has already made the paan of Varanasi famous with the Bollywood song Khaike Paan Banaras Wala.’

Places to Get The Most Lip-smacking Street Food in Varanasi

The most spiritual Indian place, Varanasi is popular for its lip-smacking street foods. Hence, you must know the wildly known eateries to try them out.

Lalman’s Golgappas

Head towards Lahurabir Chowk. It is popular not only because of the tangy tamarind water. People praise its golgappas due to the yummy filling. They combine chickpea, crushed potatoes, and spices for the taste. They also provide a sweet type of this snack which seems more like a dessert.

Puri Sabji & Jalebi at Lanka

Head towards Banaras Hindu University (BNU). Superstar Rajesh Khanna made this place popular. Kailash Yadav is the one who will provide you with delicious sabzi and puri. He makes it using potatoes, pumpkin and black gram. This place is also known for its sweet Jalebis. If you order 4 puris with sabzi, it might cost you around Rs. 25.

Pahalwan Lassi

Around BNU, there is another popular place providing lassi. The sons of Panna Sardar are the owners. They offer thick lassi in a clay cup. You will clearly see a cool layer of malai on its top.

Tea at Pappu’s

Head towards Assi Mohalla. There you will find a popular tea stall serving lemon tea and milk. They are always ready to share the political news with the visitors. They include Hajmola to add a unique flavor to the lemon tea with the taste of heeng.

Jwala Prasad’s Rasedar Pakora

Head towards Lahurabir Chowk. The stall is open in the evening hours. They provide rasedar pakora which is crisp, yummy and in demand. They make it using besan (gram flour), spinach with spices for taste. After kneading, they deep fry it and then, toss them in a hot curry. They serve it with sohal. You can order these pakoras in two different forms: plain and colorful. The colorful one is provided with bhang, a popular drink in India.

Umashankar Sahu’s Kachoris

Head towards Chetganj. Sahu, a peddler, provides small fried kachoris. He serves it with tamarind chutneys. These kachoris are yummy in taste. He garnishes it with carrot and radish.

Kashi & Deena Chat Bhandars

Head towards Godowlia Chowk. Deena is a popular place for both the locals and tourists in Varanasi. They provide tamataar chaat. It is a different tasty snack. They make it using tomatoes. Visit the place in the winter season to get chura matar. It is filled with desi ghee. They serve it in clay cups. So, you should avoid dieting in your visit to Varanasi.

Baati Chokha

Head towards Puran Das Road. You must try their sattu parathas. However, their specialty is litti chokhas for an authentic taste of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe

Head towards Assi Ghat. You will get some irresistable Italian foods here. You can also order Indian and Chinese foods. They will offer mouth-watering pizzas. You should not forget to have apple pie before leaving the place. It will be served with ice-cream.

The Ram Bhandar

Head towards Thatheri Bazaar. It will serve you steaming tangy kachoris. Don’t forget to order the delicious aloo subzi. You should also try the sweet jalebis in the end.